Your secure ReddiNet system provides real-time access to critical information. Six modules ensure that you’re always prepared with a response that's coordinated, organized and immediate. Choose all six or select individual modules.
Status Module
Status Module

The Status Module provides a complete system for reporting, coordinating and analyzing hospital status for hospitals, transport providers and dispatchers. The clear, easy-to-use interface and the system’s ability to support data downloads from CAD systems enables dispatch to quickly assess and deploy resources.

MCI Module
Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Module

During MCIs and other disasters, the MCI Module provides a robust system for communications, coordination and situation management with the ability to provide:

  • Incident notification
  • ED capacity polling
  • Estimated victims
  • Ambulance dispatch and arrival
  • Victim status information
  • Victim identification (can be customized/modified for HIPAA compliance)
  • Patient data from the field from electronic patient care records

MCI data can be compiled and displayed as printable reports for detailed analysis.

Assessment Module
Assessment Module

ReddiNet’s customizable Assessment screens enable you to obtain accurate and current estimates of staff, supplies, equipment, patient needs, facility damage, and resources needed and available. Assessments can be created in advance, allowing you to:

  • Prepare and categorize general questions before an event
  • Prepare standardized assessment polls for each event scenario
  • Schedule assessment polls to be sent on a one-time or recurring basis
  • Receive input from multiple users
  • Update data for an assessment any time a facility has changes
  • Access a full history of updates for each facility receiving the assessment poll
Messages Module
Messages Module

ReddiNet’s Messages module allows you to easily send secure messages to your network and out-of-network facilities. Our messaging operates like a typical email system, allowing you to cut and paste information, include attachments and create message groups. Here’s some examples of how existing customers use ReddiNet messages:

  • EMS agencies use messages as part of their regional disaster preparedness drills
  • Law enforcement send BOLOs to hospital emergency departments to locate fugitives and missing persons
  • Hospital pharmacies locate and secure medications
  • Field commanders notify health care facilities of MCI status and likely impacts to emergency and trauma facilities
  • Public health agencies forward bulletins from the CDC
Bed Capacity Module
Bed Capacity Module

To aid in daily discharge planning and evacuations, the Bed Capacity module enables an at-a-glance view of a facility’s ability to accept patient transfers. The screen contains fields for:

  • Hospital patient census
  • HAvBED Reporting
  • Daily bed availability
  • Long-term care facility (LTC) bed availability and patient census
Resource Requests Module
Resource Requests Module

Manage or submit equipment, personnel and/or supply requests electronically.

Dashboard Module
Dashboard Module

All ReddiNet accounts include the ReddiNet Dashboard, an at-a-glance view of your network’s Alert and Diversion Status, MCIs, Offline Facilities and Hospital Service Levels, and your own facility’s current HAvBed reporting, Assessments and Messages.

Data Exchange
Data Exchange

ReddiNet can interface with any other emergency system. Electronic Patient Care Records (EPCR) can come through ReddiNet with an audible alert and a link to the EPCR site. We interface with fire department CAD systems to stream relevant information to the rigs.

ReddiNet Dedicated Satellite Service

In some counties, ReddiNet offers a dedicated system backed by Satellite. The system includes all six modules, plus a dedicated computer, monitor and printer. We take care of the hardware and satellite connection via regular site checks and remote monitoring. Satellite service is provided by HughesNet Enterprise, the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office.