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What our customers are saying
L.A. County EMS has been relying on ReddiNet as our emergency communications provider for almost 30 years.  From coordinating mass casualty incidents to conducting facility status and bed availability polls, ReddiNet has been there for us.  The system is highly customizable to meet our changing needs.
Cathy Chidester, Director, L.A. County Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS)
San Francisco uses the hospital status module, mass casualty incident, messaging and bed capacity features. It’s been a great help in managing several large incidents, including during our Super Bowl 50 response.
San Francisco EMS Agency
ReddiNet has been part of our medical emergency communication system for over 25 years. Contra Costa County EMS uses ReddiNet to communicate with our dispatch centers, ambulance providers, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and community clinic providers to support the EMS System day to day and for mass casualty and disaster situation awareness and management.   ReddiNet has adapted and customized their platform to meet our changing local EMS System needs with the end user in mind.
Pat Frost, Director, Contra Costa County Health Services
Orange County uses ReddiNet on a daily basis to monitor and track diversion status, bed reporting, and MCI’s. During disaster drills we use the system to track facility status, HAvBED reports, patient tracking, and family reunification. We also use it as redundant communications in the event of a complete loss of all communication systems. Since Orange County is on the satellite system ReddiNet will continue to function and we will be able to communicate with our hospitals.
Mike Steinkraus, Orange County Health Care Agency (EMS)
ReddiNet serves Riverside County as a reliable, real-time communication tool. We use it for incident information, patient distribution and reunification, as well as hospital status and polling features. The information shared from ReddiNet supports our public safety and hospital partners in daily operations, as well as emergency situations.
County of Riverside Emergency Management Dept. (REMSA)